A Terrible Terrible Ode to The Room Downtown photo studio

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The Room Downtown photo studio

A Terrible Terrible Ode to The Room Downtown photo studio

Photo studio oh photo studio.

How do I love thee?

Let me count the frames (GET IT?!).

You are small and unassuming but carry the power to change the world with a well-snapped shot.

People open themselves up to you like a flower being brought to bloom, or an old tome of poetry’s dusty chapters revealed, or like a shy person who wants professional headshots taken but needs gentle guidance and a soft shoe act in order to do so.

You are brilliant and gleaming when we need you to be; bathed in bursting rays of artificial and natural daylight, and the warmer tongues of tungsten (shoutout to Quasar Science for our LED tubes (rap song siren sound)).

When darkness is needed, your blackout roller shades cloak the room in darkness, providing a more specific surgery of illumination on subjects awaiting the lens’s knife.

When grip equipment is needed, or a vanity mirror, or a reflector, or strobe trigger, you always avail yourself of the photographic and cinemotagraphic cornucopia you contain.

Your white walls gleam with a powerful shine, softly saying “I am a tabula rasa.  Come lean against me seductively.  You will look so good that others on insta shall give up on life altogether!”

Oh photo studio.  If you were a person, I’d casually ask you out on a date, my palms all sweaty, stomach in knots.  We’d get steak and frites at a fancy french restaurant, then watch the sunset and talk about our plans for the future.  Three kids (one adopted), a little house on the east side of town, and later you have a cancer scare but we get through it together.  We grow old.  As we lay in bed after your 90th birthday, I lean over to you and whisper “Thank you for being so convenient, well-priced, and with a simple online booking system.”  And then we die in each other’s arms.

Unfortunately you’re not a person so for now I’ll just say thanks for bein’ a home for so much creative awesomeness.


-Matt Soson, Owner

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