The Best Photography Of The Week: November 12th, 2018

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The Best Photography Of The Week

The Best Photography Of The Week: November 12th, 2018 

The Best Photography Of The Week

Portraits of inmates in a prison passion play, testing out life on Mars on Earth and the cold, less friendly side of Paris.

Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web, so you can spend your weekend kicking back and enjoying some beautiful pictures. Here are this week’s picks:

Bourbon Street Strippers Fight Intrusive Regulations

 Avery L. White via Vice

Bourbon Street is the loose, neon-lit strip in New Orleans where bachelor parties on the prowl for oblivion roam with fistfuls of plastic beads. It’s the historic home of the city’s wildest bars, daiquiri shops, and, most notoriously, strip clubs. But that could change.

[See the photos at Vice]

The Opening Ceremony Of The 2018 Winter Olympics

 Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters via The Atlantic

An artist performs during the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium on February 9, 2018.

[See the photos at The Atlantic]

A Look At Mars On Earth

 Sam McNeil/AP via The Washington Post

Scientists are using a desert in Oman to know what to expect on the Red Planet. In this February 7, 2018, photo, two scientists test space suits and a geo-radar for use in a future Mars mission in the Dhofar desert of southern Oman.

[See the photos at The Washington Post]

The Humanity In A Prison Passion Play

 Deborah Luster via The New York Times

Ms. Luster’s photos are stark. The background of each seated actor is clouded in black. Their gaze is a cocktail of serious brooding and reflection, each channeling his or her inner Brando. Their costumes were made by their own hands: to portray a Roman soldier, a breastplate was fashioned from scavenged vinyl, a football helmet was reconfigured to resemble that of a warrior, and swords were made from cardboard and duct tape.

[See the photos at The New York Times]

The Aloof, Cold Side Of Paris

 Jérôme Sessini via Magnum Photos

The picture of Paris painted by Jérôme Sessini during his Paris Live Lab residency eschews clichéd iconography of the city. There are no glimmering lights of the Ville Lumière, but rather an eerie darkness lit by functional urban street lights and the glow of concrete faceless buildings.

[See more photos at Magnum Photos]

Love And Loneliness In Ibiza

 Jordi Cervera via Format Magazine

Today, social media tends to advertise a caricature of Ibiza, all bright lights, extravagant parties, and lavish yachts. But there is a different side to the Balearic island, and it lies in the shadow of the spotlights and the iPhone camera flashes. Cervera strives to show a different view of Ibiza’s hard-partying image.

[See the photos at Format Magazine]

Looking At Chernoybl Through Infrared Lens

 Vladimir Migutin via Bored Panda

“It was a spontaneous decision,” Vladimir told Bored Panda. “I was born in Belarus in 1986 (the same year that the Chernobyl catastrophe occurred), at the age of 5 my family left the Soviet Union. I have bright memories of my early childhood, and I wanted to visit some places in Minsk, to see how it changed since, and meet few friends that live there. Then the idea to visit Chernobyl came to my mind.”

[See the photos at Bored Panda]

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