The Best Photography Of The Week

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The Best Photography Of The Week

The Best Photography Of The Week

Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web.   Here are this week’s picks:

 The Intimate Aftermath Of War
 Inbal Abergil via LensCulture

Inbal Abergil photographs the mementos and possessions treasured by families who have lost a soldier in the line of duty.

[See the photos at LensCulture]

Coming Of Age Amid Patriotic Training

 Sarah Blesener/The Alexia Foundation/Catchlight Fellowship via The New York Times

Ms. Blesener, 26, turned to exploring the myriad programs that teach patriotic values and military skills to about 400,000 American children and teenagers. Many were similar to the Russian programs, though she said there was less military training in the United States. She eventually settled on 10 programs, including Utah Patriot Camp, the Border Patrol Explorer program, Young Marines and the Junior R.O.T.C. program.

[See the photos at The New York Times]

The Transhumanists That Believe Death Is Only Temporary

 Giuseppe Nucci via National Geographic

Transhumanists believe in a future of human immortality. A community in Russia is working to make it happen.

[See the photos at National Geographic]

Pandora’s Box

 Susan Meiselas via Magnum Photos

Photographer Susan Meiselas provides a darkly captivating journey into an exclusive S&M sex club where women hold the power.

[See the photos at Magnum Photos]


Teenagers Demand ‘Never Again’ In An Age Of Mass Shootings

 Zach Gibson / Getty via The Atlantic

Demonstrators participate in a “lie-in” demonstration supporting gun-control reform in Washington, D.C., on February 19, 2018.

[See the photos at The Atlantic]

The Last Public Execution

 Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

The last public execution in America was a media frenzy. Not because a young black man was being hanged (that was hardly worth a mention in 1936) or the notion that it might be people’s last chance to witness a death with no strings attached. No, the hordes of press and spectators who descended upon Owensboro, Kentucky, that August were in pursuit of a different story.

[See the photos at Timeline]

A Secret History Of Cross-Dressing

 Sebastian Lifshitz / The Photographers’ Gallery via Huck Magazine

Sébastien Lifshitz has spent years trawling through flea markets, eBay and junk shops in an effort to trace the history of Europe’s cross-dressing culture.

The Best Photography Of The Week
The last public execution in the US, a Russian community aspiring for human immortality, and an inside look into a S&M sex club where women hold the power.

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