The Best Photography Of The Week: June 9

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The Best Photography Of The Week: June 9

Every week, we curate the best new photography and photojournalism on the web.   See more at the site for our photo and film studio in downtown Los Angeles,

Here are this week’s picks:


Australian sea lions, an endangered species, frolic in the waters around Hopkins Island in South Australia. By photographing in shallow waters, Skovranova is able to use primarily natural light in her images. She tries to dive with as little equipment as possible.

[See the photos at National Geographic]

Water Sprites, Fairies And Elves, Oh My

Bego Antón has spent five years traveling to Iceland to explore the world of mythical, folkloric creatures — and the people for whom they are real.

[See the photos at The New York Times]

The Desert Is Taking Over Dubai And Abu Dhabi


The barren landscape has been built over with eye-watering speed, as Dubai for example has grown from an unremarkable port town to bustling metropolis in the space of a few short decades. Nature has a knack of striking back however, and Irenaeus documents this with his surreal, apocalyptic aerial photos that show the desert slowly eating away at highways and settlements in the Emirates.

[See the photos at Bored Panda]

What Happened When A Photographer Gave Rural Children Cameras

The pictures can be funny but they are also frank. What they are not is sentimental. Encouraged by Ewald to delve into their dreams, the children return from sleep with visions as dark as as a Grimms’ fairy tale: of killing a best friend, or of a brother buried under a woodpile. But it’s the revelations of waking thoughts that truly disturb.

[See the photos at The New Yorker]



On an 8,000 mile road trip across the United States, photographer Robin de Puy met a boy living in the small town of Ely, Nevada who became her photographic muse.

[See the photos at LensCulture]

The Coal-Mining Boomtowns Of Appalachia

“I’ve always had an interest in local history, no matter where I’ve lived, so it seemed obvious that I explore my town and those surrounding it. I’ve become fascinated with the idea that this region’s story is central to America’s evolution from colonial wilderness to an industrial superpower.”

[See the photos at The Washington Post]

The Creatively Messy Work Tables Of Italy’s Skilled Artisans


In 2016, Pergolesi decided to delve more deeply into the subject with his series Tableaux, a more detailed look at the work tables of local artists and artisans. “Every table is a canvas generated unconsciously, thanks to the traces of daily work,” he says. He photographed the work surfaces of bakers, watch-makers, painters, blacksmiths, sculptors, and doll-makers; in the resulting images, many of the surfaces he photographed are shown up-close, devoid of any interior details.

[See the photos at Atlas Obscura]

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