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The Coolest Design Of The Week
A funky new font made entirely out of brand logos, confronting Asian stereotypes through meme-inspired jewelry and a ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ guide to Singaporean design and architecture.

A Bird A Day


the series, which started out on the 1st january this year, will see shrimali and chudasama create one piece of work every day, over the course of 365 days.

[See the photos at Design Boom]

Confronting Asian Stereotypes Through Meme-Inspired Jewellery


Ada’s jewellery is undoubtedly political, a reflection of “being forced to wrestle with my identity when I moved away forcollege”, she tells It’s Nice That. Her strong use of visual metaphors seen in Hot Chinitos and ’Chink’ Eyepiece profoundly communicate the problematic Westernised standards that are ubiquitously enforced throughout mainstream society.

[See the photos at It’s Nice That]

When The Digital Becomes Tactile


Japanese artist Toshiya Masuda builds pixelated objects out of clay, piecing together sculptural tennis shoes, fried eggs, and baseballs that look as if they have been pulled directly from a video game.

[See the photos at Colossal]

A Barn Of The Future


Creating no waste, the temporary structure was designed to have no ecological footprint to demonstrate what closed loop architecture can look like.

[See the photos at Dezeen]

A Funky New Font Made Up Entirely Of Brands


A digital studio called Hello Velocity has created a typeface that embraces well-known corporate logos and is still somehow far less annoying than Comic Sans.

[See the photos at Endgadget]

A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Guide To Singaporean Design And Architecture


Crazy Rich Asians, a movie based on a book by Singaporean author Kevin Kwan, has topped the US box office two weekends in a row and is set to make history this summer […] What the movie does well, though, is shed light on our unique design culture.

[See the photos at Design Milk]

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