How do I book the studio, a headshot session, or other services?

Go to our booking page where you can book your time in the studio and other services, all without ever having to leave our site.

Will there be staff there to help me out?

Only if you hire an assistant, cinematographer, or professional photographer to be there with you.  Otherwise it’s your time, your creativity, and your studio to do with whatever you want. Within reason of course…  See our Rules and the rest of this FAQ for further details.

Can I come in and set up earlier than my scheduled time?

Whatever time you book is the time you have, so we recommend you budget at least 30 minutes at the beginning and end of your booking time to setup and break down.

How do I confirm my reservation?

To pay the full amount, just follow the link provided in the invoice sent to you when you made your booking.

Can I book the studio for film shoots?

Absolutely, and at no extra cost.

Can I book the space for a class, workshop, event, or performance?

It’s possible.  Just e-mail [email protected] with the specifics and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Can I bring my own lighting and grip equipment?


Are there backdrops?

The space comes with three ceiling-mounted backdrops.  A 9-foot white seamless backdrop, 9-foot black seamless backdrop, and 9-foot green screen seamless backdrop.

Is there a Sound System?

There is.  You can connect through Bluetooth or through the attached 3.5mm auxiliary cord.

Is there a clothing rack?

There is a large professional clothing rack.  The wardrobe area also has a retractable steel cord that locks against the opposite wall.  Perfect for hanging wardrobe if you have too much for just the clothing rack!

How large is the space?

The space is 23’x15′.

Is it really $25/hour?

Yes.  Really.  The only restriction is a 2-hour minimum.

Is there parking?

There are almost a dozen lots in a 2-block radius that range from $5-10 for the day, and two lots in particular that sit immediately adjacent to the building on Spring Street, just south of 7th.  708 and 710 S Spring Street are where most clients go as they’re right next door.

Can I bring in food and beverages?

Of course.  A mini fridge is provided in the space for your convenience.  Any spills or mess must be cleaned and taken care of before leaving, or a cleaning fee will be required.

What are the hours you’re open?

 Weekdays 7AM-9PM

Saturday 7AM-7PM

What Grip and Lighting Equipment comes with the space?

The photo studio comes with 3x 95+ Color-Rating-Index  Quasar Science LED Tubes capable of daylight and tungstem with dimmer packs, 4x 700-watt track lights with daylight bulbs, 2x Interfit 320w/s Honey Badgers with wireless receivers/trigger, strong daylight LED modeling lights, S-type Bowens mounts, and additional pop-up mount rings, 2x 24″ softboxes, 48″ umbrella octagon softbox umbrella, and 8″x36″ hair light softbox with Bowens mount, PC sync cord, 5x light stands, a 5-surface reflector kit with accompanying expandable holder, c-stand with 40″ arm, and 5x 20lb sand bags.  Need other equipment not included? We can probably arrange it, all for a reasonable price.

Do you have stools?

We do!  Two tall black cushioned stools, three smaller black stools, a tall wooden stool, a short cushioned chair, a lightweight metal table, and two heavy-duty 4-foot tables always live in photography studio.

How do I cancel my reservation?

To cancel your booking, you can either log into your customer account and do it yourself by following the provided link, or e-mail [email protected].

Cancellations of confirmed bookings will result in the following charges:

72 hours or more prior to rental date: All payments refunded.

24 to 72 hours prior to rental date: Fifty percent (50%) of total rental fee is due.

Less than 24 hours: No refunds are allowed and 100% of payment is due.

Is there a freight elevator?

There isn’t, though the elevator in the building has taken up everything from full racks to heavy medical equipment and various furniture.  Anything that can be fit through a regular door is fair game to get into the photo studio.

Is there Wifi?

There is Wifi.  The password is included in the e-mail sent to you when you pay for your booking.

Is there a makeup station?

The studio comes with a makeup station that includes a sink and lighted Vanity Mirror, with shelves inside for temporarily storing your makeup

Is the space soundproof?

The space is not 100% soundproof, though the interior windows do a lot to minimize outside noise, making it a great solution if you’re looking for a small film studio in Los Angeles, and can bring professional audio equipment for your shoot.

Is the studio private?

The studio is private.  It’s all yours for the time you book.