The Studio and Equipment

Lighting Equipment

3x Quasar Science LED Tubes capable of daylight and tungstem with dimmer packs

3x 700-watt track lights with daylight bulbs

2x Interfit 320w/s Honey Badgers with wireless receivers/trigger, strong daylight LED modeling lights, S-type Bowens mounts, and additional pop-up mount rings

2x 24″ softboxes, 48″ umbrella octagon softbox umbrella, and 8″x36″ hair light softbox with Bowens mount


Sink and Vanity Mirror

Wardrobe Area with Privacy Panels and Wardrobe Rack


10x commercial-grade wall and ceiling outlets

60 square feet of window giving natural light with Blackout Roller Curtains

Mini Fridge

Grip & Backdrops

1x Heavy Duty baby C-Stand with grip head and 40″ extension arm

5x 20lb Sandbags

6x Heavy Duty Backdrop Clamps

5x Heavy Duty Light Stands

Five-surface bounce board

White, Black, & Green Screen Backdrops