User Manual

  • Backdrop System

To use the system:  Find the plastic chain that hangs on the right side of the backdrop system, and grasp it with both hands.  Always keep two hands on the chain, then slowly and gently pull it down your desired length. When finished, pull it back up until only a foot-long length of backdrop still hangs down.  Do not try and pull it all the way up.

  • Continuous Lights

Each of the daylight continuous Quasar Science tube lights can have their brightness adjusted through the white dimmer pack attached to the power line, and their height adjusted through the tension knobs located on the light stands.  Once finished with the tubes lights, always return them to their hooks. The track lights are controlled through the switch located to the left of the door, and can have the direction of their beams adjusted a full 360 degrees. A bounce board with 5 different surfaces is also included, with stand, to further direct light if needed.  Always make sure to use the included extension cords and sandbags to avoid breaking the equipment and injury.

  • Strobe Lights

Do not use the strobe lighting if you do not have previous experience as you will likely break it.  The strobe lighting can have it’s power adjusted using the arrows on the back, and the modeling light adjusted with the Model button.  The strobes can be triggered by the included wireless trigger, or any wireless trigger system you might bring, or the attached PC-sync cord when plugged into the corresponding port on your camera.  It can also be triggered by any other flash (like the flash on your camera) using the visual sensor on the back of the light.  

  • Audio System

The space comes with two Bluetooth-enabled ceiling-mounted speakers.  To play music through bluetooth, turn on your device’s Bluetooth, and pair it with the system (series of letters and numbers beginning with K).   If you want to use a device that does not have Bluetooth, simply plug the device into the system through the 3.5mm auxiliary cord, which can be found on the side of the security box.

  • Wifi

The space comes with free wifi.  Simply join the network “TheRoomDowntown”

password: plausibledeniability

  • Smart Lock

The door of the space is secured with a Smart Lock and Digital PIN pad.  To access the space, you need to use the PIN code sent to your e-mail and/or phone when you booked the space online.   The PIN code sent to you is only good for the time you booked, and will not work outside of that timeframe. Once the door is firmly shut, it will automatically lock after 30 seconds.  Make sure the door is firmly closed after leaving or entering the space.

  • Restrooms

The doors to restrooms are located in the stairwell, next to the elevator, and require keys.  Keys to the restrooms can be found above the guest book located to the right of the door to the space when you enter.  The Lady’s Restroom is located on the same floor as The Room Downtown. The Gentleman’s Restroom is located both one floor up and one floor down.  Always return the restroom keys to their hooks after visiting the bathrooms.

  • Storage Closet

The storage closet contains extra extension cords, chain for hanging lights, light bulbs in case of bulb failure, glass and backdrop cleaners, wipes, sponges, brushes, a broom and dustpan, and a mop and bucket.

  • Vanity Mirror & Sink

The switch to the vanity lights can be found on the inside right side of the closet.

  • Leaving The Space

When leaving the space, make sure it is left at least as clean as when you entered it, and it is recommended to start the process at least 15 minutes before the end of your session.

Lights should be hung back on their hooks or put on the side of the room or on the large shelf above the closet, backdrops rerolled to the ceiling mounts, windows closed, all lights turned off, trash put in the wastebasket or taken with you, the floor swept or mopped if necessary, and all other items returned to the places they belong. 

When you exit, close the door firmly behind you, and use your PIN code to lock the door, or wait for it to lock after 30 seconds.  In either case, test the door to make sure it is locked when you exit.