Professional Photo/Film

Whether it be a new product line, a vfx shot, or professional portraiture, we have the experience and equipment necessary to arrest the eye, tell your story, and make a little magic.  Take a look below, check out the studio, and book now.

Standard Equipment Package (more available upon request):

Panasonic GH4 Camera – Shoots excellent stills and 4k resolution film

Sigma ART 18-35mm F1.8 Lens – Sharp focus, excellent in low light, and very versatile

Meta Bones .71x Speed Booster – extra light, depth, and size of image

Circular PL and UV Hoya Professional P1 Filters – Extra protection and adaptability

AudioTechnica 897 Shotgun Mic, H4N & H1 Zoom Recorder with Lavalier – Professional audio system

Manfrotto Tripod – Rocksteady support



Need a VFX shot for your short film, music video, or feature?  Are you a Youtuber or Viner who needs a budget-friendly green screen to make your next awesome video?  At The Room Downtown, we’ve got what you want at the lowest price around.  Our green screen is already ceiling mounted, so setting it up is a snap and it extends another 4 feet along the ground, so you can get full length and wide shots. 



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